I am not one to watch a movie I like over and over again.  In fifty years, I think there are maybe two movies that would fall into the category of repeat watching.  I could never understand why people would buy movies that would simply provide another area to collect dust. Bryce is taking a… Continue reading Repeat

The Send Off

Yesterday we said goodbye to Brian’s grandmother.   Her legacy left an abundance of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the most adorable great-great-grandchild you will ever see.  Of course, I am biased as he is my great-nephew, but truth be told he is magical.    And while it was somber, there was something celebratory about a woman who… Continue reading The Send Off

On The Verge

We often talk about Bailey getting his own place.   Most people ask me if I will be sad when he goes.  Maybe on some level, but then there are moments where I literally want to have a countdown clock.   You see, even with the extra chromosome of love aka Down Syndrome, he can be a… Continue reading On The Verge

Black and White

My oldest son interprets everything on a straightforward level.   There is no gray area for him.  When I told him about his great-grandmother passing away, he said, “I am not surprised.  She was ready,”. Which undoubtedly was true, but most people wouldn’t say that.  Most would belabor the issue and rehash her legacy.   For Bailey,… Continue reading Black and White