The Send Off

Yesterday we said goodbye to Brian’s grandmother.   Her legacy left an abundance of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the most adorable great-great-grandchild you will ever see.  Of course, I am biased as he is my great-nephew, but truth be told he is magical.    And while it was somber, there was something celebratory about a woman who managed a life of faith while walking through some of the most difficult moments a human being can experience.

And while there was a large contingency of family, I particularly enjoyed being with my nephews and their significant others.  There was time when I saw them frequently, but as life happens things change.   We are all experiencing life on life’s terms.    There are marriages on the horizons, probably more great-nephews or maybe even a niece, but this side of the family seems to be male dominated.  It is an exciting time.

At the luncheon afterwards, I sat with my nephews, chatted with their beautiful significant others, and asked my great-nephew silly questions.     I am in awe of the amazing women that my nephews picked to share their lives with and am grateful for their love and acceptance of all of us.   These are strong, insightful, loving beings who have graced our family with their presence.   We are the lucky ones.

As we all parted to go our separate ways, I picked up my great-nephew, Taylor, and told him that “I loved him and that he was the bestest boy ever”.  (Yes, I am aware “bestest” isn’t a word, but he’s four, so I can make up words.)  He hugged my neck and told me he loved me too.   What an excellent way to end a somber day.  I am sure that “Moms” was smiling as she witnessed the love that was sprinkled around the room.

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