Trigger Point

If I am going to be completely honest, preparing for a trip triggers some fear.   Fear about leaving my home.  Fear about leaving my fur babies.  Fear about a lot of other things that are completely out of my control.  The illusion that nothing bad will happen IF I am here versus traveling.    It… Continue reading Trigger Point

The Escapee

It never fails that when I am trying to get ready to leave town, I get some sort of raging upper respiratory crap.   As a family, we share everything, so this has made the rounds.  Last night, my bedside table resembled a pharmaceutical display.    The smell of Vick’s permeated the air. I ran errands… Continue reading The Escapee

It’s Frozen

“It is frozen.”  This is my mother’s description of her current cable situation.   I went over to her house after picking up Bailey, who informed me, that he had a bad headache.  Asking Bailey questions about his health is like asking a politician about the current state of affairs…… is very vague.    The full… Continue reading It’s Frozen


I think it is human nature to seek validation.  Not the needy, codependent type where you need the approval of others, but simply verification that you are doing great.   For me, at this moment in my life, the only affirmation I am seeking is from my temperamental scale.  Before you utter one word, about how… Continue reading Validation

Parent Trap

“If you call Student Affairs and tell them I am in the play, I can get a early release.”  This was the opening line upon answering the phone a few minutes ago.   Bryce had a performance this morning for a group of grade school students, so the day has been pretty much a bust as… Continue reading Parent Trap