Trigger Point

If I am going to be completely honest, preparing for a trip triggers some fear.   Fear about leaving my home.  Fear about leaving my fur babies.  Fear about a lot of other things that are completely out of my control.  The illusion that nothing bad will happen IF I am here versus traveling.    It… Continue reading Trigger Point

The Escapee

It never fails that when I am trying to get ready to leave town, I get some sort of raging upper respiratory crap.   As a family, we share everything, so this has made the rounds.  Last night, my bedside table resembled a pharmaceutical display.    The smell of Vick’s permeated the air. I ran errands… Continue reading The Escapee

It’s Frozen

“It is frozen.”  This is my mother’s description of her current cable situation.   I went over to her house after picking up Bailey, who informed me, that he had a bad headache.  Asking Bailey questions about his health is like asking a politician about the current state of affairs…… is very vague.    The full… Continue reading It’s Frozen