Nothing Personal

In life, we have all experienced the misplaced verbal assault of someone in a place of fear.  It happens.  There have been times where I have delivered the attack only to later realize that my uncertainty about a situation seeped out sideways leaving people I care recovering from my attack.  It wasn’t about them. It… Continue reading Nothing Personal

Hard To Get

I marvel at the competition that colleges are apart of today.  Bryce started getting invitations as early as sophomore year begging for his attention.  As time went on and he narrowed his choices to two schools, there was still a influx of emails and mailings still yearning for him.  It was kind of pathetic.  I… Continue reading Hard To Get

Save The Trees

It has been sitting there for weeks.   Taunting me.  Laughing at me.  I know that a pile of papers is incapable of that, but the feeling still resides.  When I received this mountainous ten page assessment to fill out for Bailey, I grew annoyed.  Mostly because for twenty-three years, I have done nothing but fill… Continue reading Save The Trees