Smoke and Mirrors

Through social media, you can create the perfect life with the ideal children and a doting spouse.   Like a movie set, photos and words can illustrate a life that anyone would envy.  Sadly, it isn’t real.    I was talking with a neighbor recently who moved to our neighborhood two months ago from Tampa.   She… Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors

The Cage Match

I rarely entertain large groups of individuals unless it is a special occasion.  The reason being is that I don’t enjoy the cage match with my Martha Stewart personality.   Today, we are hosting Bryce’s graduation party.  Ordinarily I would have it catered by one company who would take care of the details but my son… Continue reading The Cage Match


In the midst of all the joy and celebration, there were some unsettled feelings with Bryce.  Having his brother receive the honorary alumnus award at Trinity didn’t bring him a sense of pride, instead his perspective was a dark cloud over his own triumphs. It isn’t easy being the sibling of a special needs individual. … Continue reading Unfixable


They say that when you are on the verge of death, the movie of your life plays, allowing you to relive those significant moments.   I wasn’t prepared to experience the movie reel of all the moments with Bryce today as we watched him transition to a new adventure.   I know he is ready.   I know… Continue reading Unprepared

The Message

As I watch the royal wedding, I am reminded how magical a fairy tale can be.  Two people from different worlds finding love.  The prince finding his princess.  Watching the loving looks, the subtle smiles, and the hints of a true and deep respect for one another, I am given hope.   The message of the… Continue reading The Message

The Honor

The start of graduation weekend was launched this morning during the Father/Son senior breakfast.   Late last week, I was asked to attend, along with making sure that Bailey was working because they had a surprise in store for him.  I had no idea what to expect, but I was inclined to believe it would be… Continue reading The Honor


I am sure the title intrigued you, but no, I am not writing about anything inappropriate…  The shrinkage I am referring to is my own ego.  A week or so ago, I was given the opportunity for another writing gig with another publication that I had not previously written for.   In this industry, any assignment… Continue reading Shrinkage

Shout Out

If you follow my blog, you already know how much I dislike Mother’s day.  The day specifically engineered to boost retailers while showering unrealistic expectations on innocent mothers.  Everyday should be a celebration for the person that cleaned up your vomit, wiped your butt, and displayed your apparent lack of talent in art.  Every. Single.… Continue reading Shout Out