The Montage

When I made Bailey’s graduation video four years ago, it had a mixed vibe.  Maybe it was because we were celebrating something a little different  Maybe it was because I wasn’t emotional about this particular graduation.  Okay, I was emotional, but it was pure relief, if I am being completely honest.  Relief from having to deal with school officials who only saw him as a disability rather than a human being.

I didn’t think much about a video for Bryce as he made so much noise about Bailey’s, that I assumed he didn’t want one.  I was wrong.  So yesterday I perused various photos to create a montage of the last eighteen years.   What I found wasn’t a barrage of emotions, but an exhale.    I know that I will experience tears, joy, among other things, but looking through those pictures gave me a sense of accomplishment.  As parents, we all want our kids to be happy, healthy, and successful in their journey.   We strive to provide them with ample tools to survive and then it is time to let go.  Our roles change.  I will always be his mother, but knowing that he has a solid foundation allows me to cut the cord…..slowly.

One thing I did do was a “RIP Fathead Bryce” section to commemorate the laughter Fathead Bryce has supplied.  Not really to Bryce, but to me and to others.   I think it is only fitting that he gets a sendoff for all of his hard work cheering on real Bryce and giving me countless ways of annoying my youngest.   That is what I am striving for as we approach graduation…..humor, happiness, and a celebration for a job well done.

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