Out of the Blue

“Mom, I need to read something to you,” my youngest son stated as he walked into the room sporting his laptop.   He began to read an email from the The America Library of Poetry regarding a piece submitted well over a year ago as a requirement for an English class.   Apparently it was scheduled for… Continue reading Out of the Blue


After Tuesday’s storm, my backyard was littered with part of my beloved maple tree.  Because I am on task in a crisis, I had procured an appointment with the tree service company that I had used previously right after the storm finished its bullying. As 1 pm rolled around, the time that the person doing… Continue reading Uprooted


I look at the beginning of a new week as a fresh canvas.  My daily guided meditation swirls around in my head as a reminder to “be patient and kind to everyone I encounter”.  That is something I am working diligently on especially to myself.  Monday was weird.   Everything I touched dissolved into a large… Continue reading Restart


“He’s missing!”, my spouse bellows in the middle of the most serene place on the ship.  Okay, the spa is the most serene location, but the adult pool area is pretty quiet, so his screaming jarred me.   The “he” is Bailey and oddly enough, I just had a conversation with Brian on the way to… Continue reading Missing

Speak Up

I am the person who uses social media to boast my brand.  To elevate my following with my magazine writing and my blog.   I use it to post sweet and silly photos of friends and family and I try really hard to not have an opinion on outside issues.   Outside issues including politics can taint… Continue reading Speak Up

The Wingman

“Can I get my picture with you?” One would think that question would be directed toward the characters on the ship, but actually it was a constant inquiry that Bailey received from girls Bryce’s age all the way into their twenties. Didn’t matter where we were, Bailey was in a photo. People gravitate to him.… Continue reading The Wingman