Yesterday I got my do-over.   Friday, I ugly, snot cried all over Bryce, so I had hoped that since he came home for the weekend, I would be able to compose myself when he left yesterday.   You see, as a student athletic trainer for the football team, we anticipated that this would be it and… Continue reading Do-Over

The Followers

I have had an Instagram account for a few years, but allowed it to stay stagnate since I really didn’t know the ins and outs of it.   Because being a writer means keeping your image “fresh and appealing” so more people will read your delightful words, I dived into it with great gusto.    Even… Continue reading The Followers

Ugly Cry

Okay, so I think that maybe the worst part of sending a kid to college might be the anticipation of the departure.   Last night, we went to dinner to celebrate Bryce after I watched him load his car with necessities for the next three weeks.   I did a wonderful job as we had our family… Continue reading Ugly Cry

The Radar

When I saw that the Louisville chapter of the WKU Alumni Association was hosting a football kickoff party with the head coach, I was all over that.    Since Bryce hasn’t met him yet, I thought this would serve as a wonderful opportunity plus I wanted to see what vibe I got from him.   One… Continue reading The Radar


I try to grapple with the state of our society.   The fact that we continue to be so gullible to the most insane posts.   People are still copying and pasting untruths on their wall thinking they are in the know.  Sadly, they are just immersing themselves in the uninformed.   It literally scares the shit out… Continue reading Deceiving

Dinner Plans

“Red Lobster 6:30,”.  This is the text I receive from my spouse as I sit in a meeting to gain some spiritual serenity.    I breathe in and exhale deep as I know that dinner will be an adventure.  You see, when family comes into town, we gather everyone to share a meal.  Now, this… Continue reading Dinner Plans

The Act

“She’s fine.  Just go to bed.”  These are the words that my spouse uttered as he settled in bed after falling asleep in another room while watching television.  He wasn’t privy to the last 45 minutes of Presley, our eldest Basset hound, who kept gagging and throwing up nothing.   So, I listened to him –… Continue reading The Act