The Horn

I am a nice person.  No…really, I am.  I know that sometimes I come off like a bitchy, menopausal woman with an aversion to other people.  The exception, of course, are those who are in my tribe.  I lean towards being a pleasant human up until other homo sapiens completely undermine my efforts. While driving… Continue reading The Horn

The Other Part

This parenting of a special needs individual comes with additional perks that typical parents are probably so green with envy they can barely string the words together to express it.   This morning, I get to take my delightful self to the social security office.  You are probably wondering how I continue to accumulate all of… Continue reading The Other Part


If you have been reading my blog awhile, you understand that I enjoy being of limited service.  In other words, I am happy to be a source of help to my tribe, but outside of that I am selective.   It might make me look a little selfish, bitchy,  and a string of other adjectives, but… Continue reading Serviceable

Miracle Worker

Yesterday, Bailey played in a regional tournament for Special Olympics softball.  It was the second game of the tournament and if they won, we would be heading to state.   I missed the first game held on Friday night to attend a football game with my youngest who came in from college just to see his… Continue reading Miracle Worker