No Clue

The hammering is complete, my yard doesn’t look like I am preparing for war, and my new roof looks pretty amazing.   Who would have thought that I would be so enamored by a roof?  Maybe it is because of my constant state of gratitude or quite possibly I am old.   While I was “enjoying” the… Continue reading No Clue


Define stalking.  I, personally, believe that it is the obsession of an entity.  Perhaps it is the following literally or figuratively.  Maybe it’s both.  I am not a stalker.  I prefer to be called a MI – Mom Investigator.  It isn’t creepy, just thorough and discreet.  My youngest disagrees. When Bryce first found out about… Continue reading Research

At Last

Since I have been on the bandwagon of total authenticity, I will say that I love the first day of anything that gets people out of my house. Today, Bailey goes back to work….praise Jesus!  Now, in true transparency, I love the break that he gets by working at a high school.   But, let’s just… Continue reading At Last

The Opening

When I shared yesterday, on this very platform, the reality of living with an adult child with special needs, I was not prepared for the “me too” messages.    I was overwhelmed with other Moms sharing their own struggles and admitting that they have never admitted that openly.   Maybe it is a fear of being… Continue reading The Opening

Wild Ride

Because I want you all to be able to relate to me, I need to be authentic, vulnerable and completely transparent, so I am going to share where my heart is currently residing….grief. Now, you all might think that it is all centered around the transition of Bryce to college, and that is definitely part… Continue reading Wild Ride


“This is Allison Jones and I am calling to report a goat on the side of the road.  He is very much alive and hanging out at the guardrail a half a mile from the Glendale exit.”  This is my very concerned voice sharing my experience with a not so friendly dispatcher with the Kentucky… Continue reading Houdini