The Dinner

“Would you and Brian be willing to take us to dinner?”  This was the question my 87 year old mother asked me a few weeks ago in regards to one of her longtime friends coming to town.   Of course I agreed even though it might have been the last thing I wanted to do.  With… Continue reading The Dinner

Hurry Up

My first day in a committed relationship with a writing schedule went well.  Sure, I got a little overwhelmed with character development.  Oh, and I got a headache from thinking too much, but as a whole, I would like to believe that I am on the right path.  When I stopped and decided it was… Continue reading Hurry Up

Zip It

I abhor obnoxious individuals who solicit advice during athletic events.   While I love to scream “get him, get him” or “run, run” during football games, you will not hear me say unkind words.  Sure, I might ask the referee if he needs the number to my eye doctor, but it is merely out of concern… Continue reading Zip It