Then this happened

“I just fired her,” my mother shared, in her rather giddy tone when telling me about the new episode of “How To Make My Daughter Internally Scream”.  In this particular episode, this seemingly innocent elderly woman creates havoc by telling said caregiver that her services were no longer needed.  I may have done some external… Continue reading Then this happened


What I enjoy most about social media is reading the ridiculous posts from individuals who apparently need a lot of feedback in order to function. Truthfully, I don’t really need to search that hard since they pretty much litter the landscape.   Yesterday, while perusing Facebook, I came across a lot of what I label as… Continue reading Pitfalls

More Than One

My spouse doesn’t typically call during the day, so when my phone rang yesterday, I answered.  He was kind enough to let me know that I was on speakerphone and that some of his female coworkers were in his office.   I am not the person that should EVER be on speakerphone without knowing it, so… Continue reading More Than One

Send It Back

I spend an enormous amount of time ordering items from Amazon.  Sadly, most of the items are not for me, but for my Mother.  With the decline of her eyesight and hearing, we are always looking for ways to make things easier for her.  Apparently, she didn’t get the memo because she delights in making… Continue reading Send It Back

No Response

“Bailey”   “Bailey”   I utter his name at several more times.  No response.  The night before I had implored him to please answer me when I call his name.  It isn’t as though he doesn’t hear me.  He just chooses not to respond.  By now, I am past the point of irritation.   Finally, he screams, “I… Continue reading No Response

Instant Replay

There are many things a spouse or significant other should never say.  Words like, “crazy” or saying  “you are overreacting”, should be kept in a vault to never be uttered.  Ever.  Otherwise, that might be deemed as a challenge.  And, I love a good challenge. When my spouse was actively drinking, my reactions could have… Continue reading Instant Replay


The key still worked.  She entered her empty childhood home after her knocks went unanswered. Calling out for her mother, the silence echoed with no response.  She hesitantly opened the door to her old room and picked up her favorite doll.  It was as if she had never left.  A doll that she hasn’t seen… Continue reading Believable