Day One

Don’t worry, I won’t be chronicling my every moment during my alone time. Actually, nothing much is happening aside from the the dogs looking for the other people that normally inhabit this home. It typically takes about a day for me to adjust. Adjusting to not running the dishwasher twice a day or watching food… Continue reading Day One

I Survived

Did you survive Christmas? I feel like instead of talking about a holiday, we are referring to a natural disaster. And, it most definitely can appear that way after all is said and done. I survived. In fact, I did even better than that, I thrived. There were a lot of things I did differently.… Continue reading I Survived

Story Time

Yesterday, I took my Mom to the salon for her weekly hair appointment. For as long as I can remember, she has never washed her own hair and has always relied on a professional to do that for her. In fact, one time, she took my Dad with her as he was getting a haircut… Continue reading Story Time


The holidays tend to make people nuttier than usual. Some are in the mix of people who “have to make the holiday perfect”. I don’t want to be the one to tell you, but those Norman Rockwell paintings were not an accurate portrayal of what a typical family gathering during the holidays looks like. It… Continue reading Simplicity

I Always Do

Bailey’s favorite line is, “I always do”, which blankets pretty much everything. If I say, “Make sure that you take your phone with you. The response is, “I always do”. If I remind him to do his chores, he responds, “I always do”. I am hoping you see the pattern here. On the quest to… Continue reading I Always Do