You’ve Got The Wrong Lady

I used to think it was creepy, when ads would pop up on my social media matching what I had just been searching for on the internet.  At first, I was thinking “how did they know I was looking for that” then I got the clue that sometimes I am slow on the uptake. 

Brian and I are getting ready to redo our kitchen, so I have been scouring the almighty web to get more ideas on how I want the space to look.   I have also been knee deep in workout suggestions to enhance my new sustainable eating habits.  So, you can probably understand my confusion, when my Pinterest site was full of ideas to use while one is pregnant.  Well, they have the wrong lady.  This 51 year old woman’s uterus is no longer in its place of origin.  In fact, I believe that it left on its permanent vacation before social media became a thing.  

Perhaps, social media is trying to remind me of all the good things about being pregnant.  Something that escaped me during the process.   You see, pregnancy was not a joy to me.  Sure, I loved the end result, when they were finally evicted from my uterus.  But, the in between, would be a big “no thank you”.   I was sick the whole time.  Bryce used my bladder for a trampoline while Bailey was adamant that I no longer needed to be comfortable in any position.   They were ungrateful tenants who did not leave their place of residency as they originally found it.  

Of course, I am grateful for the ability to carry a child to term.  Many don’t have the luxury.    However, I would love for my social media to catch up with me and realize that I am not in the market for pregnancy tips.  My body is still recovering from the last two.    

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