As I shared yesterday, Kentucky skipped Wednesday due to the intense polar vortex. By 10 am, the wind chill was -15 below and taking the girls to go potty was brutal. But, with that, comes all of the residue from people making poor choices. When I gain knowledge of intolerance or plain stupidity, I take… Continue reading Recap

Settled In

I am sitting here on a snowy, cold Sunday morning where I am so grateful we survived the winter storm that arrived last night. (Please read the first sentence with a tone of sarcasm.) We ended up with 2.3 inches. I am assuming that the criteria for a winter storm has softened or perhaps, I… Continue reading Settled In

The Decision

I shared a few blogs ago about the opportunity for our oldest, who has Down syndrome, to move out into his own apartment while participating in a program for living independently. My instant response was “no” and my reason was that he wasn’t ready. But, my spouse, encouraged me to proceed accordingly in an effort… Continue reading The Decision