The Outcome

I know that you all have barely been able to sleep wondering how this dress situation would work out for the family wedding we are attending today. Well, I am proud to say that I lit that bitch up. Or in layman’s terms, I found the one or quite possibly, two. My aversion to walking… Continue reading The Outcome

The Triangle

I don’t know about you, but I detest triangular communication. You know, when someone tells you to tell someone else something that they could easily share directly. Are you confused? Exactly. It is like the adult version of the telephone game that I used to play as a young girl before I grew up to… Continue reading The Triangle


Sometimes it is simply leading by example that morphs into change. I wear pants, suddenly my spouse is following suit. I adopt a healthier lifestyle, and Brian is asking me to buy Chia seeds and almond milk. It is all so amazing and weird at the same time. Oh, and for the record, I kept… Continue reading Leading