One thing I have learned is that writers are secretive. When I was waiting to pitch my book idea, I was seated next to two other ladies on the same mission. We made small talk. We talked about are nerves. And then, I asked the question…”what is your book about?”, which apparently is a taboo… Continue reading Inquiry


I made a decision several years ago to disconnect from certain relationships. I referred to it as a “spiritual cleanse” but it was really ridding myself of people whose purpose no longer served me. It was the action of being true to me. It was the process of shedding some weighty baggage. Was it easy?… Continue reading Later

Just A Dance

Last night I attended a gala that supports our community of Down syndrome individuals and Bailey was my date. He was a really bad date. Doesn’t having a date guarantee a dance partner? Yes, I realize it isn’t an obligation. After all, I am simply his mother. The one that endured nine months of morning… Continue reading Just A Dance


It was quiet yesterday. No demanding calls from my mother. No inquiries from my youngest on how to construct an email that “doesn’t sound angry” but gets the point across. It was heaven. I managed to get in the zone and collaborate with my hosts of characters living within my mind. It is imperative that… Continue reading Confusion

Word Count

Yesterday, I had a plan. The plan revolved around upping my word count as I am several thousand from my goal. My self-imposed deadline for getting the completed manuscript sent to the interested literary agents is July. The road to success is paved with good intentions. Too bad yesterday presented a crap ton of pot… Continue reading Word Count

The Buzz

Can we agree that many times social media can actually be positive? I mean, take away the opinion pieces like politics or the unicorn posts where everything in Stacey’s life – spouse/kids/pets are so “amazing”, it can be a pretty nice platform. Oh, wait, I forgot the copy/paste crap where your mother will die if… Continue reading The Buzz


I feel like I plan well. However, I am finding that I am completely clueless on some things. For example, this writing workshop that I am attending tomorrow. You know, the one where I am pitching my book to two literary agents. The one where I might vomit on them prior to sharing the contents… Continue reading Unprepared


I like to think of myself as an effective communicator. Clearly I am delusional. Last night, Brian and Bailey went to see a movie. It was after dinner, so I told Brian that Bailey could have dessert there. Now, Bailey thinks that dessert covers anything that the concession stand sells. Pizza? Popcorn? Nachos? Yes, all… Continue reading Clearly