While my boys are proficient in many things related to household duties, cooking isn’t one of them. Oh, sure, Bailey has a little bit more experience than Bryce, but even he could use a few lessons. I decided that this summer should be dubbed “learn to cook, so your mother doesn’t have to”. Last night,… Continue reading Parenting

The Owner

I spent Memorial Day, finishing the first revision of my book, watching a family of baby birds leaving their nest, adjusting my mother’s HVAC temperature via an app (She was cold. She was hot. You get the gist.), and then I made an amends. It was a full day. Finishing my first revision round, made… Continue reading The Owner

The House

I am a storyteller. I know that isn’t much of a surprise. After all, that is a pretty basic requirement as a writer. But, I tend to talk like I write. When I share, it is full of detail because that is the essence of an excellent story. A quality that seems to annoy some… Continue reading The House


A couple of days ago, I shared that my mother’s caregiver was leaving. I get it. The pay is ridiculously low and she needs to do what is best for her family. And, honestly, so do I. I waited a few days to reach out to the agency, thinking that they would be proactive in… Continue reading Assumptions

Half My Life

Today is my wedding anniversary. It’s Brian’s too, but since I am writing the blog, I get first dibs. Isn’t that the way marriage is suppose to be? So, I have been with one person over half my life. That is a really long time. Looking back, I am amazed at the journey. Let me… Continue reading Half My Life