I am currently in a holding pattern as I wait for quotes from two editors willing to read my manuscript and go over it with a diligent eye. It’s like looking for a qualified daycare for a baby. Seriously, I am like one of those helicopter moms, which I made fun of while my kids… Continue reading Typical


I certainly have been swept up in the dance of change. Of course, no one likes it, but it certainly is one thing that is consistent. It’s dependable and, oddly enough, loyal. There are other factors in the mix that have created this perfect storm. The challenge for me was to keep an eye on… Continue reading Hiatus

Snow White

On Tuesday, I celebrated the completion of my manuscript by hanging out at the pool with Brian and Bailey. Bryce is way too cool to hang out with us. Whatever. Anyway, it was the first day without rain in 100 days. Kidding. But, seriously, not that far off. It took me a moment to realize… Continue reading Snow White

That’s A Wrap

I don’t want to brag. Okay, I kind of do, so here I go. I am done. Finished. Doing a little Irish jig because this girl, just completed writing her first book. I can’t even believe it. When I said those words “I’m done” to my family, my grin was palpable. The scariest action I… Continue reading That’s A Wrap


Sometimes there are moments that trigger residual emotions. I think of all the work I have done for the last seventeen years and how smug I have become believing that I am “healed” from the effects of alcoholism. The reality is I will never be healed. This weekend I was reminded of the wounds that… Continue reading Triggered


As I immersed myself in revising my book yesterday, and actually changing an entire scene because I was nudged to, my phone rings. Caller ID reveals it is my mother and in a loving manner, I sigh and roll my eyes before answering. Once I put my eyeballs back in their original position, I greet… Continue reading Random

No Clue

It has been a weird week. Between a new caregiver for my Mom (so far, so good), all the hype of the radio appearance for Bailey, and trying to forge ahead with a third round of revisions on my book, my brain just submitted a vacation request. The characters are grating on my last nerve.… Continue reading No Clue


As I drove other to my Mother’s home yesterday, I prepared myself mentally for meeting her new caregiver. I feel like I am on some weird television show and the supporting role continues to be recast. You know the announcement, “the role of so and so is now being played by so and so”, well,… Continue reading Neutral