Another Week

Mom’s caregiver has been cleared to come back to work today. Thank. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. I am not cut out for a full-time gig where I spend more time inwardly screaming than being patient and kind. I know my limitations. Probably a good thing I did not become a nurse.

I spent a semester in nursing school where I quickly realized that not only do I not enjoy most humans, but the sick ones are the worst. Whiny. Always wanting something. The whole world revolves around them. Sounds horrible. Plus, I think that when one struggles in Anatomy & Physiology, it is probably a red flag. Knowing the parts of the body is excellent idea in that particular field.

Anyway, I am hoping that the rest of the week is drama free. That I can get to the end of my revisions without some “emergency”. Like, “I only have cheese to eat”, “My television isn’t working”, “I’m bored”, and my personal favorite, “It’s cold in here, I need the heat on”. The last one occurs when the outside temperature is over 90 degrees. Sigh. And to think that I do this without medication is a miracle.

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