No Clue

It has been a weird week. Between a new caregiver for my Mom (so far, so good), all the hype of the radio appearance for Bailey, and trying to forge ahead with a third round of revisions on my book, my brain just submitted a vacation request. The characters are grating on my last nerve.… Continue reading No Clue


As I drove other to my Mother’s home yesterday, I prepared myself mentally for meeting her new caregiver. I feel like I am on some weird television show and the supporting role continues to be recast. You know the announcement, “the role of so and so is now being played by so and so”, well,… Continue reading Neutral

Great Men

Today is bittersweet as my own father has been gone for almost fourteen years. But, this day reminds me of the great men that have influenced me, supported my dreams, and accepted me for me. That is a tall order as I am complicated, stubborn, and a twisted ray of sunshine wrapped in a black… Continue reading Great Men


I was in the midst of revisions when my phone rang yesterday morning. The caller ID revealed that it was the agency my mother’s caregiver works for. I am not psychic, but I was pretty confident that they were calling to inform me that the caregiver would not be coming to work. Ding, ding, ding.… Continue reading Void

You Are Special

The other night, while minding my own business, I heard music drifting from downstairs. It isn’t uncommon as that is Bailey’s domain and he has impromptu concerts. What I wasn’t prepared for was the artist or shall I say, dinosaur that sings these songs. Yep, Bailey has reverted back to Barney. That hideous purple dinosaur… Continue reading You Are Special