The Umbrella

I like to be prepared. When the skies darkened yesterday, I retrieved my umbrella as I walked into my morning meeting. As I left, I was so pleased that I had thought ahead. The rain was coming down steadily and I smirked as people ran to their cars, without the tools to shield themselves from… Continue reading The Umbrella


I grew up with the belief that appearances where everything. What was happening on the inside of our home wasn’t reflected to the outside world. I think it was pretty much the norm. Nobody aired their dirty laundry. We simply kept up a facade. Now, I am not saying that my home growing up was… Continue reading Appearances

Deep Thoughts

I am in an odd place right now. There is a lot going on, yet there isn’t. Probably doesn’t make sense to you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make sense to me either. I have my manuscript sitting on the counter silently mocking me. Sure, it thinks it is being helpful. Maybe it thinks that I… Continue reading Deep Thoughts


I slept a lot yesterday. My body seemed to have simply halted in an effort to recover from the week. Grief is a palpable opponent. And just when I thought we could take a breath, we got word that one of Brian aunt’s passed away Friday night. Loss is everywhere. But, through the grief, there… Continue reading Continuing


I can always identify the moments where I am not completely in my own body. When I am distracted and not fully paying attention. The week has been so heavy that I have found myself doing incredibly stupid shit. Last night, I decided that I was not cooking dinner. The effort seemed too much, so… Continue reading Distracted