A Thing

I did a thing yesterday. Okay, I did many things, but the biggest thing, was sending my first fifty pages off to the literary agents. It. Was. Amazing. As I pressed send, I felt a sense of relief. Grateful that I actually finished what I started but, most importantly, not allowing self-deprecating talk to deter… Continue reading A Thing


Is it already Monday? Sigh. We had a great weekend despite the heaviness that resides in my heart. Between Presley, (my 15 year old Basset who is currently being treated for a neurological disorder), to some other unknowns swirling, I am ready for a pause button. We went to Nashville to cheer on the WKU… Continue reading Despite

Life Terms

Have you ever had a day where you question why you left your bed? I am well acquainted with those. Yesterday felt like a continual day that featured the domino effect. First, our 15 year old Basset, Presley, started having difficulty walking, so that resulted in a vet visit which turned into her staying the… Continue reading Life Terms

Easy Access

After being together a long time, Brian and I like to spice it up. Dating takes on a whole new level at this stage in the game. I really feel that we have mastered that aspect of our relationship. Yesterday, our “date” centered around Costco. Ladies, hold back that little green-eyed monster. I’m sorry your… Continue reading Easy Access