The Call

You know, I have gotten calls about my kids. The ones where you are asked to pick them up because they are sick or there is an issue to be addressed. Never thought that I would get one regarding my mother. However, in regards to her, I should always prepare for the unexpected. I never… Continue reading The Call

Two Words

Friends, I have two words for you….chicken strips. Those two words were among other items on a list given to my spouse for his trip to the promised land aka Costco. Those chicken strips are an excellent source of protein and I love to have them, on occasion, for lunch. I had my meal planned.… Continue reading Two Words


My experience dictates that when I am on an emotional overload, I look to food as a comforting tool. I am not one of those asshats that “loses” their appetites when stressed or sad. Nope. I like to seek out food that will make me forget. Even if it is just for a moment. You… Continue reading Rogue

A Thing

I did a thing yesterday. Okay, I did many things, but the biggest thing, was sending my first fifty pages off to the literary agents. It. Was. Amazing. As I pressed send, I felt a sense of relief. Grateful that I actually finished what I started but, most importantly, not allowing self-deprecating talk to deter… Continue reading A Thing