Date Change

So, Halloween is tomorrow. No, really, it is. Check the calendar. Oh, right, you are probably confused by all of the people who want to change the date. You know, because it is on a weeknight and their precious children might suffer the next day. Or, because the weather might not be ideal. Suck. It.… Continue reading Date Change

My Eyes

As I clutched my coffee cup, this morning, as if I would die without my caffeine infusion, I prayed that the day would get better. It hasn’t begun in a stellar fashion, and I haven’t even been up for very long. Let’s preface this by saying, I slept like shit. Normally, my sleeping patterns rival… Continue reading My Eyes


If you have been following my blog, you should know by now that anything goes. This is an honest account of what is going on in my life. Sometimes it’s funny. Other times, it can be raw and colored in emotion. But, it is always a true, authentic representation of what is happening. Let’s be… Continue reading Raw


Yesterday, two of my girlfriends along with myself, left to start our adult timeout. Our other friends are set to arrive today. At promptly 10:45, I am greeted by a loud blaring horn indicating that my ride had arrived. She’s classy like that which is why we are friends. Road trips enable me to experience… Continue reading Odd