How was your Thanksgiving? Did you survive or did you have to opt for a witness protection program? I survived. In fact, it was one of our better gatherings. I have to credit that with lots of teamwork and the gift of listening. Earlier in the day, Brian and I attended a meeting where the… Continue reading Listening


Imagine a world, if you will, where the opposite sex acknowledges holes in their clothes. Not only acknowledges, but perhaps, did something crazy, like dispose of them. More specifically, underwear and socks. Ladies, I know you are nodding your heads in agreement. It is an epidemic for which there is no cure. First, my disclaimer……Bailey,… Continue reading Holey


I have been saying all along, that 2019 has been my year of commitment. Being consistent in my goals and not allowing anything or anyone to deter me. Most of the focus has been on my book and “finishing” it was like giving birth to my favorite child minus the stretch marks and morning sickness.… Continue reading Continuity


During one of my recent conversation with my youngest, he shared about how he and one of his friends were perusing my Facebook page. Let’s be honest, he was stalking it, but whatever. It’s funny because, years ago, he said that my generation took over that social media platform which is why he and his… Continue reading Questionable

That Sounds Hard

One of my favorite morning activities is to peruse Pinterest while I enjoy my caffeine. My level of commitment is heightened as I see ideas for recipes or perhaps a DIY project. I get jazzed and start pinning things. But, then I click on the actual recipe, for example, and read the instructions. Instantly, my… Continue reading That Sounds Hard