This weekend was a whirlwind. Bailey was asked to participate in a couple’s wedding as an altar server. He had previously performed this task for twelve years and came out of retirement just for this special celebration. The bride has been his community living support person for four years. Her tasks involve simply helping Bailey… Continue reading Being

Just Stop

I have said it before….resolutions are simply premeditated resentments. That “diet” you are going on January 1 will be over by the end of the day. There is a reason the word “die” is in it. Adopt something realistic, friends. Just stop with the insanity. Did it work last year? The year before? Nope. Unless… Continue reading Just Stop

The Reveal

After you read my blog yesterday, I am sure you spent the rest of the holiday wondering about the “big reveal”. Did Bryce and Brian like their fantastic present of the extreme driving experience? Did they run around the house giddy with excitement? First of all, I felt a bit like Oprah. I wanted to… Continue reading The Reveal

The Gift Exchange

Something happens when your kids reach adulthood. The magic of staying up all night putting toys together dissipates. Running around sprinkling reindeer food outside and setting out Santa’s “favorite” cookies is a thing of the past. Now, I have the items that my boys want residing my Amazon cart ready for purchase. Christmas has morphed… Continue reading The Gift Exchange


I don’t want to state the obvious, but I think society has gone dark. Lack of courtesy has blossomed. Let me provide you with a story that illustrates my chief complaint. Yesterday, I was sitting in the waiting room for my mammogram. This was a repeat occurrence since my first one on Monday detected some… Continue reading Courtesy


I am starting to wonder if I am losing it. If my mind is quickly evaporating into dust. Instead of being mindful, I am mindless. Maybe that is the side effect of the creative brain. Always stirring up magical scenarios but then abandoning reality. Sunday night, I was unloading the dishwasher while Bailey and Brian… Continue reading Lost