Let me tell you about my terrifying situation that happened yesterday. (Taking a deep breath, as this is so difficult to share.) When I write my blog, it automatically links to several social media platforms. This is an excellent way for me to improve traffic and I am making a little dough along the way.… Continue reading Ousted

The Purse

I could feel that yesterday was a day of possibilities. Waking up at 5 a.m., I felt creatively inspired as I worked on the 577th revision of my manuscript. Kidding. It is only 576. I tend to exaggerate. Drinking my coffee, I plowed through the pages, wrote a blog post, started laundry, and exercised all… Continue reading The Purse


You know those moments where someone says something to you where you instantly know they are baiting you? Maybe not intentionally, but baiting nonetheless. Yesterday, I experienced just that. After the week I have had, I was looking forward to simply existing without dealing with heavy situations. Apparently, that was a big, fat “NO” from… Continue reading Bait


You all have been privy to my journey of health bumps. From a torn tendon to a boob biopsy, I have learned that I am finally at a stage in my life where I just sit back and enjoy the shit show that is unfolding before me. I no longer react, project, or try to… Continue reading Control