So, shit got real. The Coronavirus is not only physically impacting people but now we are forced to spend time with our families due to the closing of schools and businesses. Didn’t we just do that for the holidays? Kidding. Sort of.

Let’s flip this into a more positive stance. I know many of you are overscheduled. You complain, incessantly, about how you wish you had more time to do XYZ. Well, the Coronavirus just provided you with that very opportunity. My calendar has been wiped clean. I am now forced to simply be. Now, I don’t have a problem with that because I love not having things scheduled. I love the luxury of writing and reading without commitments. I have been practicing this long before it became trendy earlier this week.

I am not allowing the hype to scare me. Living a life riddled in fear is unattractive and unproductive. I am still proceeding as I normally would. Yesterday, I went to my weekly meeting where I have sought a spiritual solution for the last eighteen years. Brian and I went to dinner at a locally run restaurant last night. I won’t be deterred but I will be cautious.

The Coronavirus just put everyone in timeout. What are you going to do with this space? Are you going to complain or are you going to embrace it? Sure, people are a little nuttier than normal. Yes, they are running around hoarding toilet paper because they didn’t get the memo that this virus doesn’t make you shit. Okay, so my spouse is now buying tortilla chips in bulk because they were 10 for 10. Liquor sales are up in Louisville. I am sure that is a trend for the entire country.

My point is that this situation is out of our control. You have choices. You can freak out or you can simply sit back and go with the flow. Trust the process, people. This is temporary.

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