The Peace

I am looking for the peace, friends. After two nights of rioting in beautiful downtown Louisville, I am simply looking for the peace. I went to bed with my stomach in knots. I feared for the safety of all of those who were protesting in the name of Breona Taylor. I feared for those journalists… Continue reading The Peace

The Pace

This week has been my reentry into our new reality. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to slowly emerge due to the my mother’s situation. It has been full-throttle all week. Of course, I already had appointments scheduled. Bailey had to go to the orthodontist, along with our haircuts, plus I was staying with my mom and… Continue reading The Pace

Losing It

I want to say that I love my family. These humans that are pumped full of testosterone are a delight. But, we have been quarantine together for at least 1000 days, and we are starting to bicker over stupid shit. (I know it hasn’t been that long. It just feels like it.) Let me point… Continue reading Losing It

I Can’t Even

Our great state of Kentucky is slowly emerging into a partially opened venue. We have gone to great lengths to do this with a safe process in place and even got recognition in a Washington Post article that deemed us and North Dakota, the only states that really meet the federal guidelines for re-opening. That… Continue reading I Can’t Even