A few blogs ago, I shared my experience of being banned from Pinterest. Seriously. Pinterest. Not Twitter. Not Facebook. But, a site where you can pin things to a board that you will never, ever do. Like make a cake that looks like something out of a Southern Living magazine or perhaps, make those adorable crafts with your kids that appear to be artwork belonging in a museum. Yep, Pinterest. I don’t want to brag but I have been banned again. This is the third time around for me. Apparently, I broke some sort of rule. Blah. Blah. Blah. Anyway, I appealed it, flipped them off as I sent the email, and am waiting with bated breath.

This particular social media platform provides much of my traffic for this blog, so getting banned is kind of a big deal. Like four million people kind of traffic. Do you know what I have noticed? I get the feeling that sometimes, they censor me. If I write a blog about something political or a hot topic, my numbers seem to dwindle. No, that I am egotistical to think that people are not reading it, but the coincidence is odd because all of my other sites continue to expand my audience. When I am banned, they use the excuse of my site promoting “spam”, but I call bullshit. My last post was about wearing masks. The other times this happened, my blogs had a bit of an edge to them. I could be wrong, and I really hope I am, but my gut says I am on the mark.

I wondered if July was going to be magical, but since it is the first day and I am already banned from a social media site, I am a little wary. The good news is we are halfway through the year. The bad news is that we still have six more months of 2020. But, you know what I have learned? I have learned that even at 53-years-old, I can be a complete badass, and get banned from a platform that is pure fluff. Don’t be jealous. Just another exciting moment in the year, that is like an STD that won’t go away.

3 thoughts on “Again

  1. I know people can report pins on Pinterest on the basis of being spam, spreading hatred etc. But shouldn’t there be a human in Pinterest who actually looks at whether the accusations are indeed true before putting up a ban?


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