I suppose that everyone would describe 2020 as a shit show. It’s like a reality show that we have come to expect the unexpected. In fact, we are no longer surprised at the insanity. My level of acceptance comes in a repetitive sentence that goes like this…”Oh, so this is what we are doing now”.… Continue reading Willingness

A Thing

A couple of days ago, I did a thing. I signed a contract with a publishing company. (Exhaling deeply). I have to admit that the whole thing has made me a little anxious. There is this whole mixed bag of feelings. It’s excitement clouded with a bit of “what the fuck did I just do”.… Continue reading A Thing


We have all encountered those people that brag about their spouse constantly on social media. They are always posting photos of them telling all of their “friends” all the amazing things that they do. We all know it is a facade. No one is that perfect. But, these platforms are the ideal place to live… Continue reading Hero-ish

Scavenger Hunt

I am on the hunt for a little item called hope. Do you remember hope? That ignition of passion. The desire of something unfolding that blankets us with longing. I suppose 2020 hasn’t given us a lot of hope. It’s there, however, waiting to be uncovered. I have always heard that happiness is an inside… Continue reading Scavenger Hunt


Way back in March, when everyone froze in place in an effort to wait out the bitch called COVID-19, I got into a routine of opening my front door. Now, in “normal” times, I would never have done that because it would give people the illusion they were welcome. I don’t really enjoy humans. In… Continue reading Sightings

It Takes Time

Here are a few things that are glaringly obvious as I heal from reconstructive foot surgery. The first is that I am growing extremely confident on my handy scooter. I wiz around the house as if I were on a skateboard. Backing up is a challenge, but I know I will eventually master it. Sure,… Continue reading It Takes Time