Dress Rehearsal

First, let me start by saying that being a human Pogo stick was not on my bucket list, yet, here I am. When I saw my mother the other day, she inquired how I came to this point. This is a question that she has asked before, but forgets that we have discussed it already. I repeat the same answer…..genetics. Some asshole passed down the flat feet and now I am the equivalent of a circus side show. Awesome.

Like anything else I do, I like to have a plan of action. I did a dress rehearsal for the shower a few days before I was sliced and diced. It involved transferring from a walker to the shower chair while holding my foot up. It was awkward, but I figured I would grow accustom to it. When I took my first shower on Monday, the whole event took a different twist. I didn’t use my walker. Instead, I sat on the side of the tub and slid onto the shower chair. Once I completed my shower tasks, I grab my towel, dried off a bit, and transferred myself back to the side of the tub. My dress rehearsal, I suppose gave me an idea of how to do things, but opening night is where I shined. Don’t worry, Brian was home while I did it, because I really didn’t want to do my own rendition of “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

Sometimes life can feel like a dress rehearsal. Maybe that is what we are doing right now as we navigate this odd experience that 2020 is bringing us. I go through ebbs and flows of reluctant acceptance of our current state of affairs. But, what I know is that this too shall pass. In the meantime, I am moving forward, on my scooter, and focusing on healing.

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