Tough Choices

If you have ever had to care for an elderly family member, one who tests your patience and makes you want to go into the witness protection program, raise your hand. Yep. I knew there would be a lot of you. Here’s the deal, I just made a tough choice that was not popular with… Continue reading Tough Choices

I Remember

I remember September 11, 2001 like it happened yesterday. I remember watching in disbelief as the plane made contact with the first tower. I remember wanting to pickup my boys and bring them home instead of letting them finish out their school day. I remember going to a Weight Watchers meeting later that day where… Continue reading I Remember


I don’t want to brag or anything, but I am rocking my scooter. I cruise down the hallway and sometimes, I lift my good leg and extend it into an arabesque pretending I am ice skating. Look, I need to entertain myself. I am still working on backing up as I am lacking in that… Continue reading Scoot