Never Imagined

I can bet that we have all walked through things that we never thought we would ever experience. 2020 has provided lots of opportunities to process a range of emotions and honestly, I didn’t think I would check things off a Pandemic bucket list, yet here we are. I never thought I would become somewhat… Continue reading Never Imagined


Do you know what I wish? I wish that the general population would get their shit together. That there wouldn’t have to be such a struggle to gain what someone rightfully deserves. Case in point, my mother’s long term care insurance. Fun fact……caring for an elderly relative is quite expensive when outside caregivers are implemented.… Continue reading Warrior

An Anomaly

I guess as a mother, I have this perspective of my children. As I watch them grow and flourish, I am stunned by their wisdom and willingness to be teachable. But, most of all, I am in awe of their comfort level in doing what feels right for them versus what everyone else is doing.… Continue reading An Anomaly