This week brings “prep week”to the new program that I am trying that will, hopefully, offer a sustainable way to lose the gift that that keeps on giving….my weight.   I signed up for the program in a fit of curiosity mixed with a touch of hope.   This week offers a time to try out some… Continue reading Prepping

Father Time

I love how social media shows me highlights of my life.   This morning, I was greeted by Facebook with a photo of Brian, Bryce and myself from last year’s senior night.  I remember thinking how quickly his last year in high school was going and that I needed a pause button.  Now, almost halfway through… Continue reading Father Time

It Happened

I wonder what goes on after the meteorologists get a forecast right.  Do they commemorate it in some fashion?  Maybe a little dance like some of those football players do after a touchdown.  Okay, so we ended up with freezing rain, but amazingly enough many of our schools opted to stay open.  It is odd… Continue reading It Happened


There are a lot of things about the city of Louisville that I love.  We have amazing food, our arts community is thriving, and, of course, entertain the masses with our two week celebration of the greatest two minutes in sports.  Splash a little bourbon in the mix and you have the ideal setup.   We… Continue reading Chaos