Birthday Month

June 1 marks the beginning of a month long celebration of me.   Okay, so that sounds a little egotistical, but as the baby of my family, that’s how I roll.   As the years pass, it is no longer about the number, but life’s progression.   Yes, I am aware that some people are… Continue reading Birthday Month

The Reunion

Maybe its the addition of social media or maybe it is simply that I am older, but high school reunions no longer terrify me.   I will say that high school is probably the most challenging social experiment that people are exposed to .  I enjoyed my experience going to an all girls Catholic high… Continue reading The Reunion

Morning Retake

It’s my fault.   When I assume that things are going to go a certain way, then I set myself up for disappointment.  Today wasn’t any different.   When Brian wasn’t easily roused to get moving this morning, I was instantly annoyed.  Actually, if I am going to be honest, I was pissed.    Since,… Continue reading Morning Retake