We can all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others.   It sneaks up on us like a sultry snake ready to attack our inner peace.  I find that it is most powerful when I am at an emotional low.  It taunts me and leads me to believe that what I have isn’t… Continue reading Comparison


Isn’t it heaven when your beliefs are affirmed?  For so long during this emotional cleanse, I have been in a state of questioning whether my perception of someone has been accurate.  Wondering whether it is an illustrious scene being played out in my head.  The miracle is that more than one person has affirmed that… Continue reading Affirmation

The F Word

Before you get offended, the F word that I am referring to is flab. Once I became pregnant and had my boys, my skin had stretched so much, that I hardly recognized it.  Combined with unforgiving gravity and my short stature, my body became layers of sagging skin..  So, in my late forties, I am… Continue reading The F Word

Life Changes

I am infatuated with the Timehop app.  Not only does it help refresh my memory, which deteriorates by the day, but it is a helpful reminder on how I have changed and grown. When I take action to do something to enhance or improve my circumstances, I create my own future.   It is a… Continue reading Life Changes

Disguised Teachers

This may shock you, but I don’t like everyone.  In fact, more surprising, is that not everyone likes me.  Crazy, right?  (If you are reading this correctly, you will distinctly hear a sarcastic tone.)  As I grow older, I realize that though I might not like everyone, I shouldn’t discount their message. It is difficult… Continue reading Disguised Teachers