On a Dime

Life is ever-changing.   We can plan and plan meanwhile still be surprised at the unexpected.   This morning as I drove Bailey to camp, my low pressure symbol came on alerting me to a problem with one of my tires.   As I navigated the expressway, I thought it was just a slow leak.… Continue reading On a Dime

Living in Bulk

We are a society that thrives on buying in bulk.    Everyone needs 500 paper plates, right?  So, while we buy our basics in bulk, I like to stock up on my emotional “tools”.  Having emotional tools in bulk relieves me from that panic that sets in when confronted with uncomfortable situations.   I have… Continue reading Living in Bulk

The Process

So this declutter movement that I am currently involved in, has expanded beyond what I even imagined.  Gobs and gobs of crap that has literally reproduced while hidden away in the corners of my home.   I have discarded more items than I have kept and that goes for anything sentimental.   After my Dad… Continue reading The Process

Do Not Enter

Those with boys will certainly commiserate with this blog entry.   Recently, we reinvented our lower level complete with new furniture, fresh paint, and a desperately needed floor cleaning.    My vision was to create a more grown up vibe with durable yet stylish decor.   My audience consisted of two teenage boys and one… Continue reading Do Not Enter