We are all on a journey of discovery.  Being aware, alert, and open, I have the ability to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.   The subtle miracles and abundant blessings are mine for the taking, if, I seize the moment. I am in awe of those individuals whose journey take them to unbelievable places.… Continue reading Heroism

My Voice

For years, I was quiet.   Finding my voice has been just recent.  Oh sure, advocating for my special needs son was always second nature, but I am talking about advocating for me.    I think, I was worried people wouldn’t like me if I shared my opinion.  It was all about keeping the peace.… Continue reading My Voice

The Legacy

Two of my greatest accomplishments are my boys.   Simply put, they make me a better person.   It’s funny, through all the sleepless nights, chaotic schedules, brotherly bickering, and everything else that encompasses motherhood, I am in motherly bliss.   It’s is so easy to get caught up in what I presume is exhausting,… Continue reading The Legacy

The Exercise

So, there can’t be a cleanse without some diligent exercise involved.   Fortunately, it doesn’t involve a treadmill or any particular coach screaming at me.  What is does entail is the willingness to write.   Part of my emotional cleanse is the release portion.  I wrote a letter to one of my “people” with whom… Continue reading The Exercise