Just like any other day, I was busy scheduling homes for the column that I write for my local paper.   I embrace the ability to go to work in my pajamas and chat with my four legged coworkers.  There is usually no drama, until my Basset Hound, Daisy, decides to chase one of the… Continue reading Gratitude

Curve Ball

Life is full of curve balls.  Throwing off even the most balanced person.   In the process of being thrown off kilter, I am conscious that curve balls provide an opportunity to live and learn.   Not easy by any means.   Yesterday, I was delivered some unexpected news that will change the course of many people’s lives.  … Continue reading Curve Ball

The DD

I am sure when you read the title you might think that I am referring to a designated driver, but I am referring to the ever popular dysfunctional dynamic.    One of my new year’s intentions is to rid or distance myself from those relationships that exude toxicity.   Some are very close dynamics that could shift other… Continue reading The DD

Obstacle Course

When strolling through this thing called life, I often stumble.   Usually, the obstacle I stumble over is me.   It’s funny, but I can create an unrealistic outcome or scenario in my head to accompany any uncomfortable issue that should arise.  I have spent countless hours overthinking random solutions that will work for me.  It is… Continue reading Obstacle Course


Bravery has always been a word used to describe those who fight for our country, police, firemen, or anyone who is battling an illness that maybe they can’t win.    I know a lot of brave people and they might not fit into the above categories, but they are my teachers.   To me, bravery comes when… Continue reading Bravery


The “artic vortex” is upon our fair city.   Dangerous wind chills deliver a scary realization for those of individuals who make their living or actual live amongst the elements.   Social media has provided a stage for those certain people who constantly complain above the chill in the air or the hype that the media promotes,… Continue reading Perspective

Special Delivery

On a spring day in 1995, my husband and I welcomed a bouncing, baby boy, who happened to have Down syndrome.  It was our first child, and we were paralyzed with the information and overwhelming uncertainty that we were about to face.    It has been eighteen years of tremendous growth and unexpected victories.    Change and transition can lead… Continue reading Special Delivery


Most people set a list of resolutions for the new year.  They are giddy in anticipation of all the positive changes they will make.  For me, resolutions are a listed of unrealistic expectations.   We are set up for failure before we even begin.   Now, I know that there are those select few that can actually stick to… Continue reading Intentions