Life is a celebration. Really, if you think about it, everyday that we draw breath is a sheer sign of God wanting and needing us to rejoice in the day. Each day presents its own challenges because life indeed is one large challenge. However, those obstacles that provide us with opportunities to grow, learn, and… Continue reading Celebration


How quickly time passes where I assume the role as “parent” to my mother.   At the age of 82 and widowed twice in eight years, she has aged at a rapid pace.   Physically healthy, she is plagued by depression which steals her feelings of being competent.   I watch her struggle to maintain… Continue reading Changes

Good Morning!

I have to admit that I am a morning person.  Yes, I am the annoying one with a big, fat smile on my face eager to greet the day.  It has been one of those freak happenings where I can rise before the alarm even goes off and function without immediate caffeine consumption.    Yep,… Continue reading Good Morning!