The End

All good things must come to an end.   This week, at the beach, has been a whirlwind of family connection, bonding with friends, and an overall feeling of the big exhale.  Even when I was grappling with some life lessons, it didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the moment. I know plenty of… Continue reading The End


Twenty-years ago today, I gave birth to this perfectly formed human being named Bailey.   At the time, I had no idea how much he would change my life and the lives of those around him.    While it wasn’t confirmed until five days after he was born that he indeed had Down syndrome, I… Continue reading Unknown

The Connection

Often, I am a easily distracted from my primary purpose of living an inspired life.  It is human nature to drift off into the more trivial aspects of life and become consumed.   Sometimes it takes a life alerting event or simply a break from my routine to jolt me back.   I appreciate my… Continue reading The Connection


If I have learned anything in this life of mine, it is to expect the unexpected.  Don’t make plans that are too rigid and to find gratitude and humor in any given situation.   I forgot to tell myself that as I experienced the water in our basement and the mud pit in our backyard… Continue reading Waterlogged

The Break

Part of the beginning of spring marks the “break”.  The week free of alarm clocks, deadlines for homework, and the insidious schedule of the boy’s afternoon “engagements”.    With that comes the gathering of clothes and items needed for a much needed break.    Did I say break?  Oh, well, what I meant was a… Continue reading The Break