Winter’s Fury

I need to have a sense of humor when things are completely out of order. Today, we have visitation for my “bonus” dad and mother nature is apparently angry. Gusty winds, blowing snow, and dropping temperatures don’t make for a comfortable burial. It amazes me that both my father and “bonus” father died in the… Continue reading Winter’s Fury

The Wheel

There is a hamster wheel on my head.  It is spinning so fast, I think the hamster fell off.  When there is upheaval going on in my life, I find that my brain is overactive while my body can barely function.    With my “bonus” dad dying and my mother moving back to her house from… Continue reading The Wheel

No Regrets

Today, my “bonus” father passed away.  It was a peaceful transition and for that I am grateful.    I am covered in a blanket of sadness, but aware of the blessings that have come.  As a non blood relative, I am on the sidelines as plans are made.  I am so blessed to have had two… Continue reading No Regrets

The Shift

Life is full of challenges.  Each day presents its own unique opportunities for us to learn and grow, but what I am becoming aware of is the shift.   When I shift my perception of any given situation, I begin to see the miracles. Elliott is my “bonus” father.  A creative term shared with me from… Continue reading The Shift


   Just like any other day, I was busy scheduling homes for the column that I write for my local paper.   I embrace the ability to go to work in my pajamas and chat with my four legged coworkers.  There is usually no drama, until my Basset Hound, Daisy, decides to chase one of the… Continue reading Gratitude