Time Change

While some of you basked in the joy of an extra hour of sleep, I crawled out of bed due to the begging of my beloved Basset hounds.  Their cries could not be silenced with my usual hushed screams of “go back to bed”.  No, instead they manipulated me with their high pitched whines.   As… Continue reading Time Change

Then this happened

“I just fired her,” my mother shared, in her rather giddy tone when telling me about the new episode of “How To Make My Daughter Internally Scream”.  In this particular episode, this seemingly innocent elderly woman creates havoc by telling said caregiver that her services were no longer needed.  I may have done some external… Continue reading Then this happened


What I enjoy most about social media is reading the ridiculous posts from individuals who apparently need a lot of feedback in order to function. Truthfully, I don’t really need to search that hard since they pretty much litter the landscape.   Yesterday, while perusing Facebook, I came across a lot of what I label as… Continue reading Pitfalls