Back Then

Today is my youngest 21st birthday. Seriously. Twenty-one. WTAF? I am far too young to have produced two humans in their twenties, but yet, here we are. Anyway, Bryce has always been full of surprises. I mean, the day he was born, I had no idea I was even in labor. Had it not been… Continue reading Back Then

Stepping Out

This may come as a complete shock with how I really don’t like the human race, but I actually went out last night. Let that sink in for a moment. Honestly, the only reason was my spouse’s birthday. That’s love, friends. I stepped out of my comfort zone while risking my health from that pesky… Continue reading Stepping Out

Giddy Girl

Today is the day. Four weeks of a colorful cast whose luster wore off about 15 minutes into wearing it. Six weeks of non-weight bearing. Six weeks of being less than proficient in driving a scooter. Ladies, you know the feeling you get when you take your bra after a full day? This is the… Continue reading Giddy Girl

Tough Choices

If you have ever had to care for an elderly family member, one who tests your patience and makes you want to go into the witness protection program, raise your hand. Yep. I knew there would be a lot of you. Here’s the deal, I just made a tough choice that was not popular with… Continue reading Tough Choices