As most of you who read my blog know, our sweet 12-year-old Basset hound, Daisy departed this world on Wednesday for greener pastures. Because of her declining health, we consulted with a hospice veterinarian, who came to our home. While we did this as a family, each person was given the opportunity to opt out,… Continue reading Parting


A week has passed since Pinterest kicked me out for what they deemed as “bad behavior”. The interesting thing is that I am still getting considerable blog traffic from that site which is confusing at best. While I waited for their decision, I was conjuring up my appeal, since my past experience with them has… Continue reading Reinstated


I shared yesterday, that I would be meeting with a hospice vet to make a plan for our aging Basset. It was an incredible experience. Not only was this woman extremely knowledgeable, but she had many creative ways for us to keep her comfortable. The main issue is her mobility. Today, Brian will be making… Continue reading Sinking


I spent a lot of my time growing up, anticipating the moment where I could do what I want when I want. The moment that I didn’t have to answer to my parents. The moment when I could make my own decisions and be able to live my life on my terms. What the hell… Continue reading Adulting


At this point, I really shouldn’t be surprised at what people say. I mean, this year has literally been a free-for-all, so my mind is really like, “Oh, great, so this is happening now” and then I proceed to watch the shit show unfold. Ever since the pandemic, I have most of my food delivered… Continue reading What?


A few blogs ago, I shared my experience of being banned from Pinterest. Seriously. Pinterest. Not Twitter. Not Facebook. But, a site where you can pin things to a board that you will never, ever do. Like make a cake that looks like something out of a Southern Living magazine or perhaps, make those adorable… Continue reading Again

The Change

While many refer to this epic time as Pandemic 2020, I like to label it the universal pause. During this pause, I have been reflective of my relationships and honestly, everything seems to be more transparent. People are showing their true character traits in an alarming fashion. This allows me to either step forward or… Continue reading The Change