This week has been weird. Weird in the sense that it took a while for my germ invasion to clear and having my mother thrown in the mix of that because of her caregiver’s accident, well, it has made for a bumpy ride. On top of that, I am behind on my revisions and wondering… Continue reading Why?

What Now

Monday was bliss. My mother was enjoying her new caregiver and I was patting myself on the back for a job well-done. Of course, I should have known that my euphoric bubble would burst. Yesterday, my caller ID revealed the agency that employs the caregiver. My stomach clenched. I started to break out into a… Continue reading What Now


As I drove over to my mother’s yesterday, I was preparing for the backlash. Her unhappiness with the caregiver situation has been palpable. Both my sister and myself have had the unfortunate experience of listening to the many reasons why the caregiver won’t work, and a list of other complaints that would take an entire… Continue reading Punked