Finding the Humor

To find the humor in the darkest times is difficult, at best.   Sometimes the timing isn’t ideal, but it provides a little brightness in an otherwise difficult situation.   I remember when Bailey was born and we were confronted by his diagnosis of Down syndrome along with some other possible health issues.  I was… Continue reading Finding the Humor

False Start

Since Bryce has started his trainer gig for his high school football team, I am in the unfortunate position of watching and actually learning about football.   I was thrilled when he showed no interest in grade school.   Even with the fact that I find the sport barbaric, it eased my mind that I… Continue reading False Start

Crazy Talk

I laugh as I think about this morning.   Driving down the road after dropping off my youngest at school, I began a very profound conversation…….with myself.   I was reasoning out an issue that was discussed during a group meeting last night.  My conversation with myself was passionate and thought provoking. For me, saying… Continue reading Crazy Talk

Open Book

I am not one of those individuals who can turn off my emotions and act as if everything is dandy.  In fact, my body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions are a pathway to my inner emotional turmoil.   I envy those whose smile radiates and smooth words roll off of their tongue during… Continue reading Open Book