This Is My Life

Imagine what you thought your life would look like and then check into reality. Do they match? Mine doesn’t. It’s better. Yesterday, as I watched Bailey play in a Special Olympics basketball game, I thought about how my landscape is so rich. As we inch toward Bailey being twenty-five, I am amazed how, despite all… Continue reading This Is My Life


Let me tell you about my terrifying situation that happened yesterday. (Taking a deep breath, as this is so difficult to share.) When I write my blog, it automatically links to several social media platforms. This is an excellent way for me to improve traffic and I am making a little dough along the way.… Continue reading Ousted

The Purse

I could feel that yesterday was a day of possibilities. Waking up at 5 a.m., I felt creatively inspired as I worked on the 577th revision of my manuscript. Kidding. It is only 576. I tend to exaggerate. Drinking my coffee, I plowed through the pages, wrote a blog post, started laundry, and exercised all… Continue reading The Purse